Louvres for everyday living

Louvres for everyday livingWelcome to Diamond Louvres
Our Louvre Window System has been developed to withstand the harshest environments and have achieved performance ratings that meet the stringent requirements of Australian Standards for Windows (AS2047)
Our louvres are made from Aluminium, ABS and stainless steel components that ensure low maintenance and trouble free operation for years to come.
Our slim line design combined with modern architectural finishes will make louvres an architectural feature of your home or office.

Why choose louvres?
Louvres maximise natural breezes, giving your home a comfortable open feeling.
They are the most efficient ventilating window available that allows you to control airflow and light whilst protecting from the elements.
Used wisely louvres can make your building more energy efficient saving you money and reducing green house emissions.

More options than other louvres
Diamond Louvres offer you the choice to install a wide range of glass, timber or aluminium blades adding a whole new dimension of flexibility when designing your windows.

Our range includes:
Manual Adjustable Louvres
Concealed Motorised Louvres
102mm wide slim line blade for a more elegant look.
152mm wide standard blade giving a more robust and pronounced look.
Timber blades giving a warm soft look whilst providing privacy and ventilation.
14mm thick Aluminium blades great for privacy walls and coastal areas.


Manual Adjustable Louvres
Concealed Motorised Louvres