Diamond Louvre™ THE PERFECT CHOICE in manual operated Louvre windows.

Diamond Louvres Australia
Provides a comprehensive range of adjustable Louvre galleries, Louvre window framing systems and associated hardware products specifically designed for Australian conditions.

The Diamond Louvre™ gallery is a proven performer.
Developed to withstand the harshest environments and achieving performance ratings that meet the stringent requirements of Australian standards for windows.

Diamond Framing
The Diamond 120mm window frame with integral insect screen when combined with the Diamond Louvre gallery is the perfect choice of window for commercial or residential application.

Diamond Difference
Great care has gone into providing an adjustable Louvre that is aesthetically pleasing durable and low maintenance. The Diamond Louvre gallery is manufactured from Aluminium, Stainless Steel and UV stabilised materials ensuring
low maintenance, trouble free operation.
The slimline design  of the Louvre blade glazing clip means the Louvre window as architecturally pleasing open as it closed. The low profile ergonomic handle is easy to operate, has minimal intrusion into the room and rests neatly within the window frame when the window is closed.
Where safety is a concern key locks can be retro fitted to the low profile handle. Our optional barrier bar system installs easily into the Diamond framing system providing improved safety.
Motorised control adaptors and map hook adaptors are retro fitted to the low profile handle.

Insect Screen
Insect screens are kept in place by a special receiver channel that is designed into the Diamond framing system.

Commercial framing compatible
The Diamond framing system couples directly to 101.6mm commercial shopfront systems.
Framing can be installed using 100mm standard sub heads and sub sills.

Ready made
Diamond framing is supplied in lineal lengths or in convenient pre-machined CKD kits.

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Manually Operated
Louvre Window