AutoLouve™ THE NEXT GENERATION in motorised Louvre automation.

 Powerful concealed motor
AutoLouve™ is operated by a powerful linear motor that is directly connected to the Diamond Louvre gallery using our patented Radial Link®.
The Radial Link® combines the performance of the Diamond Louvre™ con-rod assembly with the power and reliability of the linear motor. AutoLouve™ delivers smooth, trouble free operation with maximum mechanical advantage. The automation assembly is concealed inside the window jamb. The motor is accessed without removing glazing or the Louvre gallery via a removable panel.

Advanced power and control
AutoLouve™ is powered by a safe easy to install low voltage power system. The motor, wiring and Radial Link® can be installed in the factory or onsite.
AutoLouve™ is compatible with commercially available CBUS and BMS automated building management systems, optimising environmental control and energy consumption.
AutoLouve™ is supplied standard with a fail safe circuit breaker.
Hand held remote controls are available in single and multi- channel frequencies.

Insect screen
Insect and safety screens are installed from the inside of the Louvre frame, providing easy assess for installation and cleaning.
Retractable insect screens can also be installed with the 102mm gallery providing increased air flow and the convenience of insect protection when required.

Commercial framing compatible
AutoLouve™ couples directly to 101.6mm commercial shopfront systems. Frames can be installed using standard 100mm sub heads and sub sills. The system can be glazed using glass, aluminium or timber Louvre blades and can operate up to 27 blades from a single motor.

Ready made
AutoLouve™ is conveniently supplied in pre-machined easy to assemble CKD kits.

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